Local Food Suppliers

It is our local Farmers and Food Purveyors who make Lento a possibility. Without them we would have to rely on the low quality profit driven products produced by large agribusiness.  This page is dedicated to informing everyone about these indispensable small farmers!  You can find most of them at the many Farmer’s Markets in the area.  Please help us support them!


Bolton Farms

John Bolton provides us with Heirloom Tomatoes, Arugula, Bibb Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Basil,  Greens

422 Huffer Road, Hilton, NY 14468


(585) 303-4599


Pachamama Farm

They provide us with Squash Blossoms, Carrots, Turnips, Radicchio, Kale and many more delicious & colorful vegetables!

837 County Road 28, Shortsville, NY 14548


Email:  pachamamafarm@gmail.com


First Light Farm & Creamery

Delicious Cheese Curds, Chevre, Cheddar, Jack.  Check out their website for information on Dairy Shares and Cheese making Classes!

East Bethany, NY


(585) 297-7044


Pittsford Farms Dairy

Pittsford Dairy is a locally owned dairy, right near the center of Pittsford. They offer the freshest and creamiest chocolate milk in town. The milk is produced by regional dairy cows.

44 N. Main Street,
Pittsford, NY 14534
(585) 586 -6610


Joe Bean Coffee Roasters

Joe Bean Coffee, an artisan micro-roaster, produces specialty coffee of exceptional quality. They feature organic coffee, meaning the coffee is traditionally grown, hand picked and shade grown all of which contribute to the coffee’s rich and complex flavor.

1344 University Ave
Rochester, NY 14607
e: (585)319-279

Raindance Harvest farms

Raindance Harvest is a family farm with a commitment to local ecology, local economics, and good food. They grow a variety of unique produce.

Raindance Harvest
5776 County Line Rd.
Ontario NY 14519 (just 1 mile East of Webster NY)

Phone: (585) 509-2767


Eaton Farms

Eaton Farms provides us with a bounty of pears and apples brussel sprout and the best broccoli ever.


Frasier Garlic

Fraser’s Garlic Farm is a family owned and operated certified organic farm where they raise high quality garlic.

1379 Johnson Rd.
Churchville, NY 14428

Ed Fraser


Seven Bridges Farm

Seven Bridges farms raises all natural cattle. They raise them without the use of growth hormones. They feed their cattle all natural grains and forage no animal by-products, and every head can be traced back to the 1st day of life on the farm.

Seven Bridges Farm
2191 Pond Rd.
Lima NY 14485
Phone : (585) 749-6958 OR
(585) 582-1670



Abe Datthyn Farms

A great family owned farm. Their shallots, potatoes and onions have pure true flavor.

Kevin Datthyn
4791 Rt. 88
Sodus, NY 14551
Phone: (315) 483-9230


Aberdeen Hill Farm

Aberdeen Hill Farm is a small family owned and operated farm. They raise only the finest quality beef, lamb, and pork in the Finger Lakes area of Western New York. The lamb and beef are raised on a grass fed diet.

P.O. Box 161
Gorham, NY 14461


Bedient Farms

All their beef is 100% NATURAL, free of antibiotics and hormones. The cattle are born and raised on pasture and all their own forage products. Grain, also raised on the farm, is incorporated into the animal’s diet at the final stage of finishing.

750 West Swamp Road
Potter, NY 14507

Phone: (585)738-3114

Old Home Farm

An exceptional family run farm. We enjoy the variety of radishes, asparagus, and cabbage that they provide.

Gansz Farms

Their animals are

  • naturally raised
  • free of hormones and medications
  • available for purchase directly from our farm

They supply Lento with beef, pork, chicken, duck, and turkey

1488 Gansz Road,
Lyons, NY 14489
Phone: (315)945-8100


Flower’s Family Farm

Flower’s Family Farm provides us with an abundance of quality turnips, parsnips, and other tubers/ root vegetables as well as unique foraged produce.


Davis Honey

Davis honey is quality full flavored honey. It is rich, deep in color and used in many of our dishes.L ook for them at the Rochester farmers market.

Lively Run Goat Farm

Lively run goat farm is one of the first commercial goat dairy operations in New York State, beginning production in 1982. All their goats have names and are members of the family.

Lively Run Goat Dairy
8978 Cty. Rd 142
Interlaken NY 14847

Phone: (607) 532-4647




Ann’s Purple Produce

1206 Nolan Road, Macedon, NY 14502

Phone:  (315) 986-3766

Ann Shauman provides us with Radishes, Leeks, Herbs, Potatoes, eggplant, chard, carrots and kale



Oink & Gobble

Interlaken, NY

They provide us with pork


Small World Bakery

972 Plymouth Avenue South  Rochester, NY 14608

(585) 563-9018

They provide us with flour and their products can be found at the Public Market and all of the local farmer’s markets



Squash Blossom Farm

Groveland Station, NY

They provide us with kale, greens and tomatoes